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access-list on VE interface blocks traffic for whole VLAN

New Contributor II
Hello all. I will be grateful for the help
I have applied ACL on a VE interface and it seems ACL was applied not only on VE but on physical interface too. Is it correct?
I have not found any info about it, except for "enable acl-per-port-per-vlan" but am not sure whether it is what i need.
Thank you.


ok, thank you for help 🙂 that's a pity though, that this behavior is not mentioned in any documentation

New Contributor II
Thanks to r/Brocade on reddit i have found an explanation.
There is routing code on ICX and ve interface is like a subinterface on a cisco router other than an interface vlan on a cisco switch. Thats why the ACL behavior on VE is so.