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What's happening with ICX 7150 Firmware?

New Contributor III

With the release of Version 10 of the ICX firmware for the 7550 and above, the picture has become confusing. The version 10 release notes says "

  • Release 10.0.00 and future releases do not support ICX 7150, ICX 7250, or ICX 7450 devices. These devices will continue to be supported in FastIron 08.0.95 maintenance releases."

It appears that 10.0.00 onwards will never support the ICX 7150 and that maintenance updates will be on the 08.0.95 release. It makes no mention of the 09.0.10 releases. 

I have 9.0.10d installed across my stack and I am now not sure if I am being told to downgrade back to 08.0.95 or remain on 9.0.10?

If there is urgent firmware update needed, for say a security patch, I would like to have downgraded the firmware in preparation, in a planned and managed way. The downgrade from 9 to 8 is not straightforward as some of the syntax changed and the current 9.0.10 config won't work on 08.0.95g so there is planning, downtime and testing necessary. If 9.0.10 is going to be maintained and developed then I am OK but it is unclear.

Does anybody know what the plan is for the ICX7150s and their firmware? Is there an 8150 series planned to replace them? Do I need to jump ship to another manufacturer? If so, which one?




Hey @GregNI 

7150/7250/7450 will continue to be maintained in both 8095 and 9010 code streams. 9010 will be the last code stream for said devices. This is a mistake in the documentation. I will work on getting this corrected. Since you are already on 9010, I would recommend staying there as downgrade is not trivial as you mentioned. 



Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

Does this update need to be pushed manually? 


In most deployments, yes you need to manually update the firmware.

Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer