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What is the purpose of adding ruckus switch license

New Contributor

If you are managing the switch via cli/console and you are not using cloud?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi BusinessUser1

Thank you for reaching us.

Licenses can vary based on the setup or requirement you have in the network. 

  • Could you maybe brief us more on the requirement ? 
  • Which is the switch model you are using ?
  • What is firmware running in the ICX switch ?

If you are just looking for details about licenses in ICX switches. Then you can refer the below link. 


I hope this helps



RUCKUS Team Member

HI BusinessUser1

Adding to the above, based on the requirement, deployment and usage of the unit, the licenses needed can vary. 
if the switches are managed and monitored locally via cli/console/ssh/telnet and SNMP for monitoring. 
and there is no requirement of Remote monitoring and management capacity, like all-in-one set up via cloud, then you would not need the switch licenses for the cloud. 
Should that requirement come later, these can be procured and proceed with it. 

That is about the Licenses for the switches on the cloud end, to be connected to the cloud systems. 

For enabling specific set of features on the unit, for example: dynamic routing, router redundancy protocols to name a few, [ more details here ], these would be used on the unit. 

Hence, if the query is about are the licenses for the switches needed on the cloud/SZ for monitoring and management if the said service is not being used, When the units are monitored and managed locally via cli/console, then no they are not needed. 

However that being said, if they are procured and used and the devices set up are being monitored and managed via the cloud platform, you would have an all-in-one go-to platform that you can access from anywhere, to quickly check onto the system thats deployed and if needed, take access and manage it as well, and there's more to it as well. 

Let us know your thoughts.