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Using the 4x 10Gb interfaces on 6450-48p?

New Contributor II
Hi everyone, 

I purchased on "old" 6450-48P for my home lab, but still a bit in doubt on the license and port capabilities.. 

My boot screen shows 2 of the SFP ports are disabled due to the lack of a license, but it doesn't state if the other 2 are 10Gb or 1Gb ports..  and then there is the Unit 2 that states a 4 port 40G module.. 

if it requires licenses, how would I be able to get one or a demo one.. ?

PoD: No license present for port 1/2/2
PoD: No license present for port 1/2/4
System initialization completed...console going online.
  Copyright (c) 1996-2016 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
    UNIT 1: compiled on Aug 31 2018 at 06:20:59 labeled as ICX64S08030sa
                (8559140 bytes) from Primary primary
        SW: Version 08.0.30saT311
  Boot-Monitor Image size = 786944, Version:10.1.05T310 (kxz10105)
  HW: Stackable ICX6450-48-HPOE
UNIT 1: SL 1: ICX6450-48P POE 48-port Management Module
         Serial  #: xxxxxxxxx
         License: BASE_SOFT_PACKAGE   (LID: dbvFJIGlFJH)
         P-ENGINE  0: type DEF0, rev 01
         P-ENGINE  1: type DEF0, rev 01
UNIT 1: SL 2: ICX6450-SFP-Plus 4port 40G Module
  800 MHz ARM processor ARMv5TE, 400 MHz bus
65536 KB flash memory
  512 MB DRAM


New Contributor III
@ Roelf Zomerman

From FAQ, see below

Q.: Do Brocade ICX 6430 and 6450 Switches come standard with 10 GbE ports?

A Brocade ICX 6450 models (except the Brocade ICX 6450-C) have four dual-mode 1 /10
GbE SFP+ ports for stacking and uplinking. The default configuration provides two 10
GbE and two 1 GbE ports. A license (ICX6450-2X10G-LIC-POD) to upgrade the 1 GbE
ports to 10 GbE speed is available and provides four 10 GbE ports per Brocade ICX 6450
Switch. Brocade ICX 6430 models have four 1 GbE SFP ports for stacking and uplinking.
The Brocade ICX 6430-C and 6450-C models have two 100 Mbps/1 GbE SFP ports and
two 100 Mbps/1 GbE copper ports for uplinks.

New Contributor II
ah super!.. so I should be able to connect a server to 1/2/1 with 10Gb fiber? (given I'd buy an SFP+)  (instead of an uplink to another switch)...

New Contributor III
that correct. the 10G port can be used as uplink or for any connectivity, server, nas or whatever

New Contributor II
Can i also use both ports (1/2/1 & 1/2/3) as regular uplink ports to 2 servers (before i go out and buy 2x PCI SFP's)?

I cannot seem to get the stack unit deleted.. I did execute the "no stack enable" and "stack disable" commands, and have added the long-preamble command to both 10Gb interfaces, but still a bit in doubt given the manual:

Removing the 1/2/1 port from the stack is not allowed, and also not replace it with another port 😞 .. 

And got the 1/2/2 and 1/2/4 ports to work at 1Gb by setting speed-duplex to fixed (don't have the 10Gb license for those 😞