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Upgrading ICX Switches via Unleashed

New Contributor III


I have 2 Ruckus ICX's, 7150 switches. One is a 48p-POE & a 24p-POE. I have them both synch'd on the Unleashed platform. They both run versions: 08.0.90dT211.

I unzipped the folder for the FW I'm wanting to upgrade to: 08095d, then I navigate to 7150 folder > Images > SPR08095dufi.bin. It uploads successfully. I then proceed to upgrade - it takes about 10 minutes, and it shows "Upgrading" on the the left side pane next to the switch - however when it's done, it hasn't upgraded. It's still on the existing FW. 

What is it that I'm doing wrong? My Unleashed version is: build 233. Is this best practice, or do I need to do this via TFTP ? 



RUCKUS Team Member

Hey, Kris.

Thank you for sharing this interesting scenario. I wonder if maybe the new image is copied to flash and only the reload is the one thing left to complete the upgrade process.

However, our best practice for upgrading the ICX is through TFTP.

Please let me know your thoughts.

With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support