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Upgrade path from older images ICX

New Contributor II

Hello dear team,


Just for an update about the upgrade path process when upgrading from older software versions. Based on these documents


The upgrade process is this one


"The upgrade path is 08.0.70 or prior -> 08.0.80f (non-UFI) –> target release (UFI)”


So the correct upgrade process is this one “08.0.70 or prior -> 08.0.80f (non-UFI) –> target release (UFI)”


Of course, there are some scenarios where it may change a bit like this one:


Note: If you are upgrading an ICX switch for the first time from a version earlier than FastIron 08.0.95, RUCKUS recommends that you upgrade to FastIron 08.0.95d as the intermediate version and then upgrade to FastIron 09.0.10a or later. This step is required to ensure that the FPGA version is compatible with the target release.