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Switch image upgrade boot preference.

New Contributor

I am planning to upgrade the switch ICX7150 firmware to 8095m. I have a query for boot preference.

1) The current boot preference shows secondary, and the image is SPR. So, if I upgrade the image, should I choose a secondary flash? After the upload and restart, will it come to secondary with the upgraded version and the same configuration? 

2) If I choose the primary flash for uploading images, what will happen?

Can you please review and provide me with the steps for the error-free upgrade?

Please review the current configuration details.

SSH@RSH-STH-SW-05#show flash
Stack unit 1:
NAND Type: Micron NAND 2GiB (x 1)
Compressed Pri Code size = 28660224, Version:08.0.90dT211 (SPS08090d.bin)
Compressed Sec Code size = 32539748, Version:08.0.90dT213 (SPR08090d.bin)
Compressed Pri Boot Code size = 786944, Version:10.1.15T225 (mnz10115)
Compressed Sec Boot Code size = 786944, Version:10.1.15T225 (mnz10115)
Code Flash Free Space = 1131020288

SSH@RSH-STH-SW-05#show boot-preference
Boot system preference(Configured):
Boot system flash secondary

Boot system preference(Default):
Boot system flash primary
Boot system flash secondary






RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Adit, 

with the switches, you have 2 boot sectors, primary and secondary, and you can have the images uploaded to them independent of each other. i.e. each sector can hold different images or different versions. 

That being the case, here, for the upgrade, you can use either the primary or secondary sector to upload the code and boot from it. independent of the boot preference. 
Hence, if you upload the code in the primary, on the cli, run the following: 

boot system flash primary

Use secondary if you have uploaded it in secondary

For the update to happen, you would be booting up from the sector where you uploaded the code. 

the boot preference  will come into consideration : when the switch is reloaded using " reload " or power cycled. 

Hence,  for an error free upgrade, you would need to consider the below : 

What variant of code is running on the unit ? Is it a switch [SPS]] or a router [SPR]] :
From which boot sector is the switch booted, primary or secondary?
use the "show version" to find the above 2 answers, 

once they are known, you can upload the appropriate code file to the switch : either to its primary or secondary, and then proceed forward with upgrade. 

after the upgrade is done, to ensure that the unit boots from the sector thats holding the code that it was upgraded to : use below : 
config t 
boot system flash < image sector where the image was loaded for the upgrade >
boot system flash <primary/secondary> 

this will have the boot preference set on the switch. 

In case, any further assistance is needed, feel free to reach us with the below link so that we can help you further.

Hope the details shared help ! 

Thanks !! 


New Contributor

I am using this "SPR8095mufi" image for upgrading ruckus switch, so my doubt is this required upgrading the boot file?

or this contain all the files required to perform the upgrade. 

UFI images contain everything in one file. The boot code is in there; you just don't see it. Things are much simpler with UFI!


Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Adit, 

Yes, That one file will have all components updated for you.
You just need to load that to the switch and have the unit booted, as mentioned earlier. 

That should have the update sorted.