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Split Internet bandwidth with two port

New Contributor III

Hi Team,

we have 100 Mbps ILL Link with 5 usable public IPs which is given by ISP.

now ILL link has terminated in our firewall and we have used it.

now my requirement is, we want to split bandwidth with two port in ICX switch.

ILL link have terminated in Port No 1/1/24 

connected our Firewall in Port No 1/1/23 (75 Mbps upload & download)

connected our client Firewall in port No 1/1/22. ( 25 Mbps Upload & Download)

Now i am using the below command and i am facing an issue for upload and download bandwidth.

Please check and if i am wrong then please give me correct command for that.

vlan 90 name ISP_Bandwidth_Split by port
 untagged ethe 1/1/22 to 1/1/24 
 spanning-tree 802-1w
 spanning-tree 802-1w priority 0

interface ethernet 1/1/22
 port-name L3_FW-PORT13

 rate-limit input fixed 25000
 rate-limit output shaping 25240
interface ethernet 1/1/23
 port-name L3_FW-WAN1

 rate-limit input fixed 75000
 rate-limit output shaping 75240
interface ethernet 1/1/24
 port-name ISP_L3


Hi Bharat,

Could you try with a similar input fixed rate-limiting on the remote side of the link since the issue is with upload only.



@jijo_panangat there is no remote side.

ISP link (100 Mpbs ) connected on the port number 1/1/24 

and 1/1/23 port for our network (75 Mbps) and 1/1/22 port for other network (25 Mbps).

now i connected my laptop for checking 1/1/22 for speed.