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Setting Router/Switch Code On Primary and Secondary

New Contributor

I have a VAR who setup an ICX-7450 and I'm interested in what the best practice is.

He put router code on the primary and switch code on the secondary.  He set it to always boot from secondary as that is where the config is.

Is this as odd as it seems to me and can someone point me to best practices regarding primary/secondary partitions.



Speaking from experience, I prefer that the OS image being used is stored in primary and you boot from there. The only reason I do this is if a stack has some kind of issue and a unit splits. Having everything boot from primary makes it a bit easier to recover should something go wrong. Other than that, there is no real best practice. Also, the configuration is stored in a completely separate file; it is not tied to primary/secondary flash partitions. You can see this in 'show files'
Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

New Contributor
Thanks for your time and expertise, Ben.

New Contributor II
As a best practice, I run switch code on all devices unless I need routing functions. I always load the code I am going to run in Primary and copy it to Secondary. This is because the switch boots from primary by default. When I do upgrades, I load the new image to Secondary and test. If all is good, I copy it to Primary. 

Long answer to say it is not good to keep two different code types on a production switch as if for some reason it boots to the other partition, functionality will be lost and you will have an outage. Why take the risk?

That is my opinion as a Ruckus SE.

New Contributor
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