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ICX to vSZ using dhcp option 43 and 60

New Contributor III

I have been configuring our ICX 7150 switch as the DHCP Server to our vSZ using option 43 and option 60. This works perfect for our Ruckus APs as they can now automatically register to the vSZ once we plug them into the ICX switch.

However the issue I am having is that it does not work the same for any Ruckus ICX switches I want to add into the same vSZ. When I plug another ICX switch into the main DHCP server ICX switch, it just doesn't seem to get a lease and connect to the vSZ.

When creating the DHCP pool and adding the vendor-class ascii "Ruckus CPE" command, it states it is for the Ruckus APs in the guides I have read.

Does anyone know if there is a different Vendor Class ID for Ruckus ICX switches?

Things to note:
  • vSZ firmware is on - this is gives me the Switches menu on the left nav bar in my vSZ
  • Factory reset Ruckus ICX firmware is on 8.0.80


not sure about the dhcp option but the way I got my ICX switches to show up was from the cli do config t then sz active-list 10.x.x.x  (the ip address of the smartzone).  Once you do that they will show up in smartzone but offline.  you have to create a zone besides the default and move the switch in the zone before you will get any information to populate from the switches.  if there is another option to make the switches auto discover the smartzone I wasn't told about it from support. 



New Contributor III
Hi Paul,

Thanks for that. I managed to do the same to get the main ICX connected to the controller but now I'm trying to automate a solution where I need to register a bulk number of ICX switches (i.e. > 100 switches)  to my vSZ - similar to how I have the APs auto registering to my vSZ now. I am trying to avoid having to console into each ICX and run the command.

Since the introduction to adding switches to the vSZ there isn't much documentation on this yet to do bulk registrations. More so just how to do this on the individual switches. I was hoping someone has got to figuring this out yet.

Thanks in advance.