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Self-changing ip igmp group-membership-time

New Contributor III

I have a pair of stacked ICX6610's running FCXR08030t.bin where the "ip igmp group-membership-time" switches several times per day from 275 to 145 and the back again. Our router configuration monitoring system automatically identifies this.

Any idea how to prevent this from happening?



Are you saying the running configuration itself is changing? I don't think that should be happening. Software support is no longer active on ICX6610, but you could try upgrading to the latest patch (8030u) if you are thinking it is a possible bug. With that said, I am not see any fixed bugs in that area. Could something be logging in and changing the configuration? This seems like an odd one!


Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

New Contributor III

Yes, it's self changing. I can literally do a "show run" at the CLI and see how it changes between time spans. Nothing is logging in to make that change. 

I agree it should not be happening. 😃

I also did not see an issue like this in the latest 8.030u release.

There is a relationship between "ip igmp query-interval" and "ip igmp group-membership-time". According to the docs, "You must specify a query-interval value that is a little more than twice the group membership time. You can configure the ip igmp group-membership-time command to specify the IGMP group membership time." I think the group-membership-time is supposed to be at least twice the query-interval, no?

SSH@IPTV-ICX6610(config)#ip igmp group-membership-time 260
Error - value must be atleast 275 (2 * Query-Interval + Max-Resp-Time).

Even now, the group-membership-time changed at the CLI from 275 back to 145 seconds.