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Ruckus switch won’t work

New Contributor

I don’t see the status lights don’t turn on and hear a buzzing sound while powered on. I’m able to connect to my actual Wi-Fi but couldn’t connect to ruckus routers. Please let me know what’s the issue would be and how to fix it.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Mohan

Could you please help us with the switch model and are you able to access the switch ? 


Sorry for the late response. Below is requested information,

ICX 7150 - C12P

Switch won’t power on.

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Mohan 

No problem . Thanks for reverting back. Since issue could be associated to hardware. Please log a case with us for RMA. You can refer post from Mayank and Arjun for logging a case with us. 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello Mohan ,

Thank you for posting your Requirement's !!

Let us  understand you query first it seems there is no led status on and also there is some buzzing sound while powered on but you were able to connected to actual Wi-Fi and Couldn't connect to ruckus router .

So lets do the Troubleshooting step by step :

>Verify link status for all devices in the data path

-Check switch port and NIC LED for the link traffic
-Lit led typically indicates link is established
-Activity led will typically flash when traffic is present
-Sometimes the link and activity led are combined

An LED not lit usually indicates the below :

1>Cable issue 

2>An interface issue 

3>A speed mismatch 

4>A licensing issue

Moving forward to the buzzing sound on the unit :

Well there a can be many reasons for the buzzing sound couple of them I mentioned below :

1>when there is a louder noise on a switch may be the fans going faster to keep the right temperature so do check on the environment conditions .

2>Some times power supplies can be impacted by noise on internal sensing circuitry when the power supply has low power draw on the DC side the MCU believes this as an issue with the AC input and initiates protective action by cutting DC power to the chassis, setting the PSU fan to high .So you can perform the  workaround like you can remove the power cable wait for like 10 min to drain the power re-insert it back in.