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Ruckus ICX7450-48 debug or packet-capture utilities in CLI

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I am trying to find documentation on utilizing the packet-capture and debug commands from the CLI for the mentioned switch.


Can anyone help point me in the right direction? I'm trying to debug SNMP trap collection. 



Hi @networkeng1168 

I believe there is not support pcap capabilities on ICX. We do have a dm raw utility, this will only capture packets hitting (arriving or transmitting) at the time on the unit

CX7150-48P Router#show who ( verify the connection )
ICX7150-48P Router#debug destination( Where you want to see the packets)
all Send debug message to all destinations
console Send debug message to console
logging Default
ssh Send debug message to SSH session
telnet Send debug message to telnet session

ICX7150-48P Router#dm raw mode brief
ICX7150-48P Router#dm raw max 100
ICX7150-48P Router#dm raw
Raw packet debugging is on now

Video Link as reference

You can also do a port mirror on the interface if you want to take a look at any specific interface

Standalone(config)#mirror-port ethernet 1/1/x (WHERE IS THE PC CONNECTED)
Standalone(config)#interface ethernet 1/2/5 or 2/2/5 ( INTERFACE THAT WE WANT TO CAPTURE)
Standalone(config-if-e1000-1/1/3)#monitor ethernet 1/1/x ( WHERE IS TE PC CONNECTED)
Standalone(config)#show mirrror


Also RSPAN for any port destination mirroring


Video link:

I hope I've been helpful 


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Hi thank you.


Can the dw command help us debug snmp traps?


You can for sure debug SNMP traps using 'dm raw'
Apply 'dm raw fil 1 dpa <trap-receiver-ip_address>'
This will show if there are any traps been sent towards the destination.
You see some UDP packets going out the trap receiver every time you do 'config t' and then 'exit' as this will trigger a trap call 'configuration was potentially changed'.
Let me check your SNMP configuration to verify the trap has been correctly configured.

With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support

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Hi, thank you, do you know where I can find more documentation on using the dm raw utility?