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Ruckus ICX neighbors not appearing in SolarWinds Orion Maps

New Contributor II
Environment has many Ruckus ICX devices and is heavily monitored by SolarWinds Orion. 

However, when trying to map network, many neighboring devices do not show all links. Some devices show some links but some devices show no links.

FDP, CDP and LLDP has been enabled and is running on all devices.  

From device CLI:
   show FDP displays all FDP and CDP neighbors
   show LLDP nei shows all LLDP enabled devices

from Orion NPM Network Topology:
  L2 and L3 connections reports many UNKNOWN interfaces for both local and remote interfaces

From what i have been able to determine:
Orion is building neighbor tables based on SNMP LLDP-MIB. 
Specifically, Neighbors are identified and displayed based on ifIndex reported by lldpRemManAddIfId
In some cases, this ifIndex # corresponds to a physical interface that Orion understands (i.e. 1-48) and maps.  Other times, the ifIndex # is extremely large (i.e. 16777226) and Orion reports Unknown.

Ruckus FastIron MIB Reference guide provides an Interface IS to ifIndex lookup table.  It appears that the large value reported by lldpRemManAddIfId must be converted from decimal to binary to identify the port type, slot, port, etc   ( Octet 0 thru Octet 5)

Hoping someone else has seen this issue and found a workaround to enable Orion to create valid map of environment.