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RADIUS, Certificates and Sophos XGS

New Contributor

Hi Guys, we currently have our school BYOD WIFI set to authenticate with RADIUS which then assigns a VLAN depending on staff, upper or lower school - and passes that to our Sophos XGS.

I've got two issues with it -

  1. XGS doesn't know the user, just the device IP and the VLAN so I have limited reporting
  2. When connecting users have to enter loads of information about connection type and certificate (guessing for the RADIUS server)

I've seen the LDAP and AD options - is there any way to use those instead to improve the user experience?

I'm considering going to DPSK route and importing users if not, but does anyone know how to pass the DPSK username to the firewall for reporting?

Sorry, lot going on with this question.