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Questions on PIM MCACHE names and values

New Contributor II
Running into a hit and miss situation, and looking at some of the current values associated with mcache.  I haven't found anything as to what terms "mcache SLIB Sync" and "mcache" represent when I issue the command show ip pim resource.  Are these related to the system default values? Or something separate?

Here is the output:
                                       alloc in-use  avail get-fail    limit    get-mem  size   init
mcache SLIB Sync        560    309    251        0      64960 10100960    34   280
mcache                          896    309    587        0      12992  4321220  1529   56

I'm concerned that when the allocation is used up that our video streams begin to take a hit.

Hardware is ICX 7750
Firmware is SWR08030h