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Questions on PIM MCACHE names and values

New Contributor II
Running into a hit and miss situation, and looking at some of the current values associated with mcache.  I haven't found anything as to what terms "mcache SLIB Sync" and "mcache" represent when I issue the command show ip pim resource.  Are these related to the system default values? Or something separate?

Here is the output:
                                       alloc in-use  avail get-fail    limit    get-mem  size   init
mcache SLIB Sync        560    309    251        0      64960 10100960    34   280
mcache                          896    309    587        0      12992  4321220  1529   56

I'm concerned that when the allocation is used up that our video streams begin to take a hit.

Hardware is ICX 7750
Firmware is SWR08030h


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Todd,
Hope you are doing great.

PIM employs a number of memory pools and some have limits as to how large they can grow. In the event that the upper limit is reached, further allocations shall fail.
As long as you do see get-fail as 0 and we have resources available then it should not make a difference as we still have hardware records available for this field.

Your problem lies somewhere else.

Best to open a case with TAC and further debug this issue.

Hope this helps