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Questions about ICX 7150 series

New Contributor
I am new to ruckus switches and I have a deployment project in one of our customers datacenters involving  2*ICX7150-24-4X10GR-RMT3  & Nutanix servers  and I have those below questions if any one could guide me I would be very grateful 

1)for stacking between A/M models can I use one stack port or its a must to use at least 2 ports?

2)if I should use 2 ports  , can I use any type of twinax cable between the 2 switches as the PO include only one cable (10G-SFPP-TWX-P-0308) but fortunately I have other nutanix twinax cables (C-CBL-5M-SFP+-SFP+ -CM) so  can  I use them?

3) can I use any port from 1/2/1- 1/2/2 (C1-C2) or 1/3/1 -1/3/4 (X1-X4)   as a down link to nutanix server as from the installation guide I can see they are used as stacking or uplink ports so is this a restriction or just best practice?

Thanks in advance  


Contributor II

Some answers to your questions;

1. Yes. Linear stacking is supported using single 10G links.
2. We don't block the use of non-Ruckus optics but there are some caveats that are explained here 
3. It's just best practice, you can use any of them for stacking, up-links or down-links (to the nutanix server)