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POE Fatal Error

New Contributor II

When I connect through the console after the switch boots all that shows is this POE Fatal error over and over. (see screenshot)

I cannot enter any commands as this error takes over the console connection.

How do I get past this? Anyone seen this before? 



New Contributor II

No, <removed by mod>! Thankfully I am replacing all with Fortinet. I have never used Rukus or have had to administer Rukus products before, always Cisco or HP. I am sure they are great for you guys, but I would not use them going forward. And it wasn't just this it was other seemingly simple issues with their hardware. Thanks for the help, I have about 40 of these that will go to the e-cycle company! 😁

Hey @Andy702 

I certainly understand the frustration here. The forum is really just an informal option to get help. It is not the ideal way to troubleshoot. The best bet is to open an actual support case (see my signature) so we can help you beyond what is happening in this thread. 


Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

New Contributor II

We do not have any paid support/maintenance for these devices and I certainly would not pay for any at this point.

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Andy,

Thank you for reaching us.

Adding to the post could you please confirm us if you are from Lennar Homes.

As suggested by Ben please try upgrade via  telnet or ssh and let us know how it goes.


New Contributor II

No I am not with Lennar homes, the property I work at seems to have about 50 of these in place and 2 out of 3 have this error where you CANNOT run a command. They are all being replaced by Fortinet switches thankfully and these will be thrown out!