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No POE power for ICX7150

New Contributor

Switch/Hub ICX 7150 C12P has LED's SYST orange & PWR LED green. No other LED's on. Status area no LED's lights on for STAT, SPD, ID or PoE.

Long press reset. No output coming from any of the ports.

Not able to open Unleashed Home.

Can't open Typical Install or Gateway Install or Manage Network. When I login I get message that says: Unable to reach Unleashed Network. Please make sure device is connected to the Unleashed Network, Yes or No.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Team 

Thank you for reaching us

  • Could you please let me know if you are from Lennar Homes ?

Could you please help us with below details

  • Picture from switch front panel when the switch is powered on 
  • Picture from AP front end when connected to switch which is powered on 

Also could you try to take console access to the switch and see if you can connect to switch using console. Link below for reference.

Let us know if you have console access to the switch. 

Once you have console access check if you can run below command

  • Show version

Or if the you are unable to enter the above command please share the picture of error message you see when you connect using console cable.