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New LAG showing LACP-Blocked

New Contributor II

Setting up a new 4 ports LAG for a new

I basically copied the LAG settings from the current production one.

(still new to this!)


lag LAG10 dynamic id 10

 ports ethernet 1/1/41 to 1/1/44

 primary-port 1/1/41


 port-name MCF- NEWSYNOLOGY-LAG ethernet 1/1/41

 port-name MCF-NEWSYNOLOGY-LAG ethernet 1/1/42

 port-name MCF-NEWSYNOLOGY-LAG ethernet 1/1/43

 port-name MCF-NEWSYNOLOGY-LAG ethernet 1/1/44


All interfaces in the same VLAN

show vlan brief ethernet 1/1/41

Port 1/1/41 is a member of 1 VLANs  (same for other ports)


show interfaces ethernet 1/1/41

GigabitEthernet1/1/41 is up, line protocol is down (LACP-BLOCKED)

  Port down (LACP-BLOCKED) for 42 second(s)

  Hardware is GigabitEthernet, address is 609c.9f90.ecc0 (bia 609c.9f90.ece8)

  Configured speed auto, actual 1Gbit, configured duplex fdx, actual fdx

Configured mdi mode AUTO, actual MDI

  Member of 1 L2 VLANs, port is dual mode in Vlan 105, port state is BLOCKING

  BPDU guard is Disabled, ROOT protect is Disabled, Designated protect is Disabled

  Link Error Dampening is Disabled



Do see the message in the logs:


Jan  8 11:36:41:I:STP: VLAN 105 Port 1/1/41 STP State -> DISABLED (PortDown)

Jan  8 11:36:41:I:STP: VLAN 105 Port 1/1/41 STP State -> BLOCKING (DOT1wTransition)



Any help would be appreciated

New Contributor II
Never mind...   turns out LAG wasn't setup on the SAN
Once they setup LAG, it came up.


RUCKUS Team Member
Glad to hear that.