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Inter-VLAN Routing to Untagged Interfaces

New Contributor II

Hello All - Relatively new to VLANs and am building upon a setup from a previous employee.

Initial question: How do I make a device which is untagged in a non-default VLAN be able communicate with the other VLANS?

More Details: Our school district has a single core district router, with individual routers in each of our building locations. We are implementing an Avaya VOIP system and have set up voice VLANS for each location. Inter-VLAN routing works great for these separate voice-vlans, but there is an Avaya IP Office linux server that also needs to be in a voice VLAN and communicate with the other VLANs. Due to its location, it is currently connected to our core router and untagged in one of the Voice VLANS, however none of the other VLANS can communicate with it. 


  • Linux Server IP: /, Gateway = / 24
  • Server is connected directly to the core router for the entire district. It is untagged in VLAN 127 (VE127 ip = / 24)
  • I can ping it from the core router, and from other 10.127.x.x IP's (such as the avaya phones that are tagged within VLAN 127)
  • I cannot ping it from any other subnet. Ping from Building A makes it to the associated Building A virtual interface on the core router and then drops.