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Icx7250 firmware upgrade now no uplink ports live

New Contributor

How can I enable the uplink ports from the console


RUCKUS Team Member


Do you see any lights on the ports?
If not, then please enter this command with the port you want to check:
show inter ether x.x.x -affected port 

Once you checked the port it should say UP, if it is down, please check that you set the right speed for the port, you can also change the speed like this:

Switch-to-AP(config)#inter ether 1/1/1
speed-duplex Set to 100g, 40g,25g, 10g, 5g, 2500, 1000, 100,
10, half or full


The stack is also up the spout - one unit has no license on the ports now and several other issues would a restore of the config resolve these issues. Also sounds daft but cannot find a diagram of how to cable three icx7250 in a stack unit.

Hi no lights on the port and the port is “down” the switch that had the uplink now says it has no configuration and I have tried to reset it on the front panel and this does not work. Having applied an 8 port POD it thinks the speed is 1gb so it won’t stack but it reports 10000 !   I need to wipe this back to factory. Lots of other issues here too! 

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Richl 

Above since its mentioned 7250 firmware upgrade . Could you please confirm if issue started after upgrading the switch ? 

If yes then could you help us with firmware which was on switch and firmware the switch was updated to. 

Also what is the device you are trying to connect on the port ? Was it a working setup before ?