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Icx7250 firmware upgrade now no uplink ports live

New Contributor

How can I enable the uplink ports from the console


New Contributor

Hi All was Fine before starting the upgrade apart from Unit 1 Missing From the Stack

Here is the Story of the Upgrade process:

This was an upgrade on a 3 Switch Stack using a Manifest File via our Brocade BNA Server using its TFTP Repository.  The Stack had a Failed Unit over a year ago and the replacement sent was at a Higher Firmware so could not join the stack This would be Unit one 

The Stack still had one Connection to the Network Via Unit 3 a POE Switch 

Unit 2 still has all the Stack Config but only had 2 x 10GB PODS used for Stacking and cannot connect to the network

The Manifest was to Upgrade from 08.0.30hT211 to 08.0.80fT211 into the Secondary Flash

My connection was lost on Boot System Flash Secondary  after seeing the Secondary 80Ft on  Sho Flash Stack Units 2 and Stack Unit 3

The Upgrade went as follows:

Copy to unit 3

Sync Image to Unit 3 Flash

Download of ICX7250 Boot Signature Done

Load to Buffer – Automatic copy to Member Units: 3

Syncing Image to Flash

Boot Image Copy is done

Manifest Image download is complete please reload the system


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Richl 

Noted and Thanks for reverting. 

Which was the unit that was swapped in the stack of three units ? 

Which unit in the stack had a port issue ? 

What is the port number that you have the concern with ? 


New Contributor

Unit 1 failed and was not replaced into the stack as the Firmware of the sent unit was 09 x and it would not be excepted into the stack


Unit 3 is the one in the mess now


Unit 2 did not have a connection to the Network as it had only a 2 port POD license and as a unit it has the config still in place – I added a pod license for all 8 ports but the port is shown as down on ports 4 – 8


Unit 3 will not join a stack as it reports that one of the stacking ports is only 1gb but the command for speed says it’s 10gb


Given the issue is software and I took a backup saved to the BNA server before I touched it would a restore fix the issue . I saved the files as something that means something to me would they need renaming as something else before using?

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Richl 

Please log a ticket with the below link so that we will help you with further troubleshooting. Thanks