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ICX7650 stack switch reboot

New Contributor

Dear ALL,

We found our stack switch(3 x members) was unexpected reboot twice times, anyone can help how to troubleshoot?





Hey @acmesupport 

Your best bet would be open a support case (see my signature) and send in the following information:

*output to txt file


show tech

show chassis

dm save 1

dm save 2

***offload following to tftp server

supportsave all <tftp-serv-address> /

You could also try proactively upgrading the code if you are hitting a crash. If you give me your model, I can make a recommendation. With that said, the best bet is to open a case and have our engineers look at the information above. 


Ben Beck, RCNA, Principal Technical Support Engineer

New Contributor

@acmesupportI wouldn't hold your breath on getting that fixed.

I have been working with support for 12 months on why our 7650's are rebooting, we have it happening at multiple sites, and on single or stacks.

I just updated our switches at one site to 8.0.95g which is the currently recommended firmware, and if it stops at that site, it might stop at the rest of them.

It's generally way to intermittent, and on our switches it says that it was rebooted by 'reload', which as I explained to support we are not rebooting the switches randomly through the day.

Hey @cjy123 

Please share the case number and I will personally take a look. 


Ben Beck, RCNA, Principal Technical Support Engineer

New Contributor

The case # is: 01220881

The last month I have been on on pto, so I am just getting back to continue on this ticket.  Please reach out to Isaac and would be happy for a conference call.