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ICX7550zp Lag interface stat question

New Contributor II

I have a stack of 2-7550zp's (running GZR08095g)  using a static lag and connected to a another 7550 stack.  Lag ports are 1/3/1 and 2/3/1.  I've noticed that you get "normal" information when you issue "show int e 1/3/1 but issuing "show int e 2/3/1" returns invalid port.  When I added any module  ports from switch 2 the invalid port remained.  Adding in a switch 1 port brought the lag up and I was able to see stats on the port.

Is this what other people are seeing on their lags?  I've compared to 6450/7450/ICX7550-24F lags and I can see stats on both ports.  I don't have any other newer icx's to compare.  Maybe its a copper/fiber switch difference, maybe a module (icx7600-xgf-4port-40g-module) difference.  Anyone else running the same module experiencing the same issue?

I'm not sure what happened to switch 2 (it persisted thru a boot) but the static lag is probably responsible for switch one blackhole.  It really made it a PITA to troubleshoot lag port 2/3/1 when Ruckus denies the stats. 



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Wes_hall_jazva8

Thank you for reaching us

I suppose the issue you are seeing is specific to model of switch 7550ZP.

I suppose this may need more information to be shared from the switches in order to analyze and understand the reason. 

Would you be able to log a ticket with us using the below link. 

Please feel free to leave a post if there are any concerns.