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ICX7450 10GF module installation

New Contributor

Hello! I have received a new 4x10GF module which I can install in free slot in the back of ICX7450.

But I am wondering if there is necessary to turn off completely switch for that installation? Can it be installed when switch is running or it must be turned off?

In case there is necessary to switch off the ICX7450, what is the command for "safe" turning off the switch? Unplugging just power cable seems to be not safe 😉 

Thanks a lot in advance for information.



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Markus 

Power supplies are hot swappable but modules are not hot swappable. Please refer below installation guide for more details.

I hope it helps. Please feel free to leave a message if you have more concerns. 


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RUCKUS Team Member

Hi MarcusB1989

Thank you for your question. 

Prior to powering off the unit please enter the "write memory" command so you can save the last changes applied to the switch. Also, if possible, please try to have console access to the unit, unfortunately, we do not have a safe option to power off the device but these recommendations can help you if you face an issue. 


Best Regards,

Ayleth Alvarez | Sr Technical Support Engineer | TAC Wired 

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