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ICX7250P POE Daughterboard Replacement?

New Contributor


I have obtained a ICX7250P with 08.0.95ba Firmware

The switch works normally, but the POE Module Reports:- Severe Error - Module Failed to Init.

I have reloaded the Boot, Image and POE Firmware with no effect.

The switch works normally, the POE module fails to initialise.

On closer internal inspection this unit has a defective POW Daughterboard, please see the attached picture. The “MSC” IC is burned.


Is it possible to obtain a replacement POE daughterboard?


Is it possible to just remove this daughterboard and use it as a Non-POW switch?


Any insight will be really appreciated.


Thanks in advance.




RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Dan,

You can reach out to the support team with serial number of the switch and request an RMA. ICX switches have a limited lifetime warranty. 
Warranty only applies to the original owner of the product, and doesn't cover environmental damage, misuse, and a variety of other exclusions that are explicitly mentioned in the document referenced in support site.

Hope it helps