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ICX7250 Stack Unit IDs

New Contributor

Two part question here:

1. I have a stack with 3 units. Currently, unit 3 is physically on top of 1 and 2. I'm going to be removing 2 as it's no longer needed. If I want to make the physical top switch unit 1 for clarity for future use, will its config change to match? i.e 3/1/1 is on VLAN 550, will it now take 1/1/1 on VLAN 550, or will it take the configuration from the current 1/1/1?

2. I have enabled radius on my devices, but administration would also like to be able to use the local login information. Can I make both radius and local login work simultaneously? 



Hey @kk1313 

1) The config will not migrate with unit id change. Whatever is in the configuration will prevail. In your scenario, reconfiguration is likely needed.

2) This is not possible. You can specify an order (radius then local) in your authentication method list, but you cannot do both simultaneously. If you defined radius then local, local would be the fallback should radius server become unavailable. 


Ben Beck, RCNA, Principal Technical Support Engineer