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ICX7150 Cable TDR Command State Analysis

New Contributor II

Hi, everyone.

TDR commands were used to inspect the entire network.

When I searched Google for materials related to RUCKUS, there was no clear answer, so I am contacting you

■ Inspection status




It is necessary to interpret the parts indicated in the red box in the above inspection conditions.

Basically, I know that it is normal if the cable distance is the same.

Open: RJ45 Bad Pin Contact
Short: Cable stuck together signal failure
Terminated: Connects successfully

1. Why do I see cable length information in 80-110M instead of 80M?

2. The reason why <=2M short is displayed is that a short occurred at the 2M point?

3. The reason why <=8M Open is displayed is because of the disconnection at the 8M point?

4. Why does Pair A display a question mark?

5. If PairA and D are 80-110M terminated, and PairB and C are 50-80M terminated, is the cable normal? If it is abnormal, why is it displayed like this?


I'm so frustrated whether I can't find the data or I don't have it.

Help me.
Thank you.






Hi ChoiYoung, 

You are correct, the rest of the show information should be correct, unless you are seeing pair status unknown.


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RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Choiyoungae

From the description I see that you did mention RJ45 cable. Could you please let us know the category of the cable you are using in 1/1/12 , 1/1/4 and 1/1/6 also if you could help us with what devices they are connected to on 1/1/12, 1/1/4 and 1/1/6. 


Chandini, hello!

All cables use CAT.5e and have APR 310 connected.

Please help me.
Thank you.