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ICX Switches

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Small K-12 educational public school. Wanting to purchase ICX switch for approximately 100 clients. 8 Ruckus r710 Access Points using unleashed network. Have small ICX switch, but 2 of the AP's have to have POE Injector as I get the loss of power using the switch. Would like to update switch, but don't want to have to use POE injectors if possible. Currently have a ICX7150-C12 Router in place but will only power 6 of the 8 AP's. Need advice as to which of the ICX switches I should purchase.

As a side note..I have frequent disconnects (3-4) per hour network wide. Could the current switch be the issue?


Valued Contributor

Hi Dave,

As per the excellent advice you've already received, here's a link to the ICX FastIron command syntax to set a fixed PoE power level per port:

Looking at the datasheet for the Ruckus R710 AP; 25Watts PoE power is the max requirement. This means that with the 124W PoE budget on your 7150-C12P, you can connect 4x R710 APs to each switch.

The APs can support low power modes which consume less power but reduces functionality and performance.  Further details are on the last page of the data-sheet:

I hope that helps.



This is excellent information! The only questioon I have now is why didn't I reach out to the community before now???

Thank you.

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I'll just fill-in some of the info here.

First, you need the switch to be PoE+ in order to supply full power to the access points.

Next, the switch needs to have the power budget (available watts) to power all 8 access points at their maximum 25 watts.
Lastly, looking at the Ruckus ICX 7150 family spec sheet, here are the models that best meet your needs and requirements: Ruckus ICX 7150-24P, Ruckus ICX 7150-C10ZP

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Thanks for the feedback!

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If I'm reading it right, the power budget for the R710 is 25w. I belive the POE power budget for your C12 is only 124 W, so you're acutally underpowered for 3 APs (assumuing you want full throughput on the R710s). 

Either way though, the next step is the ICX 7150-24P.

- Garrett