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ICX Switches

New Contributor II

Small K-12 educational public school. Wanting to purchase ICX switch for approximately 100 clients. 8 Ruckus r710 Access Points using unleashed network. Have small ICX switch, but 2 of the AP's have to have POE Injector as I get the loss of power using the switch. Would like to update switch, but don't want to have to use POE injectors if possible. Currently have a ICX7150-C12 Router in place but will only power 6 of the 8 AP's. Need advice as to which of the ICX switches I should purchase.

As a side note..I have frequent disconnects (3-4) per hour network wide. Could the current switch be the issue?



Hey Dave, 

I think the forum might be the wrong place for this type of item. In regards to sales items, a Systems/Sales Engineer would be the proper resource to help you there. I would advise opening a support case (see my signature) for the technical issue you are facing. We can then do a proper investigation of the problems you are having and we can also help locate the right resource in regards to ICX models that would best work for you. Let me know if you have any questions!

Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

New Contributor II


Thanks! I will reach out for more information on technical specs for future purchases. I appreciate the feedback!


Dave the C12P is capable of 124watts total and if you are letting LLDP distribute the power then it will reserve what ever the device plugged in says it might need even if it doesn't need it.  Say you plug in an IP phone and wants poe power (15 watts) the switch will reserve that amount even though the phone only needs 6 watts to operate at full power and 2 watts or less when idle.   WHat you can do is limit the power that each port can use.  Some may need 8watts some may need 15 watts etc.  The thing to do is find out how much power the device you are plugging in really needs to operate.


Good info! I will check devices to see if that is an issue. I appreciate the feedback!