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ICX Switch no longer powers up

New Contributor II

Sometime during the night my ICX switch suddenly stopped working and no longer powers up. I woke up to find I did not have any internet in my home so I went to the comms closet to check out the issue. That's when I noticed the switch did not have any power. I attempted several outlets to try and power it back up without any luck. I relocated the switch temporarily to check a different outlet and got the same result. It doesn't appear that we had any sort of power outage last night. I would like to request an RMA so I can get the internet back up and running in my home.

Model #: ICX 7150-C12P-2X1G


New Contributor II

Thank you very much. I already received an email from UPS on the shipment. 

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Hey @cheengon 

Please request an RMA. Please see my signature for ways to contact us. 


Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

New Contributor II

Hey Ben,

I created a case for an RMA and received the following message. A bit confused because the process appears to be a bit disconnected. 




Hi Mario,

Good Day!

Thank you for contacting Ruckus Customer Support.

Based on your request, we understand that you are looking for Technical Assistance on your Ruckus Wireless /Switching product deployed in your Lennar Home.

Effective November’2022, ‘Ruckus Support for Lennar Homes customers will no longer be handled by phone, chat or email. We will be exclusively supporting customers via a community forum support model and hence no phone calls, chat or emails will be accepted. \

You can find the Ruckus Support for Lennar Homes at ‘’ and select ‘Ruckus Lennar Support’ or by searching for it in your search engine of choice.

Please note you will need to create an account on the forum to receive support.

Thus this case is now closed.

Best Regards,

Surya Durai | Customer Account Representative


Hey @cheengon 

Let me check with that agent. They likely didn't know you already went to the forum. 

Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

They are re-opening it for you. I should have had you include the forum post link in your case submission. My mistake!

Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer