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ICX Static route not added to table

New Contributor II
ICX7450 running 10.1.16T215, when I configure additional static routes they aren't getting added to the routing table - so the destination is still just hitting the default route.
Tried different AD / cost and prefix length from /20 all the way to /32 without a difference.
Any ideas?

Contributor III
Is the network you are attempting to route to reachable via a directly-connected subnet or a up interface?

Is the network you are trying to get to reachable via another layer-3 device connected to this one via a directly-connected network? You pr static route should be in the format: network/mask (where I need to get to) via next-hop or interface.

The next-hop should be an IP via a directly-connected network. To create a directly-connected network, you assign an IP with Mask to a Layer-3 interface (generally a ve interface) known as a virtual router interface (VRI).. if you come from the Cisco world these are referred to as SVIs (Software Virtual Interfaces), and they are your interface vlan 123 interfaces...


The below are generally for special use cases only, but they are worth understanding the behavior of the ICX...

Use a static route or even a routing protocol to resolve a static route (yikes):

device(config)# ip route next-hop-recursion 4

Resolve a static route with a default route:

Router(config)# ip route next-hop-enable-default

New Contributor II
Yes the next hop is directly connected ( and the gateway has OSPF routes pointing at it which are working fine.
Type Codes - B:BGP D:Connected O:OSPF R:RIP S:Static; Cost - Dist/Metric
BGP  Codes - i:iBGP e:eBGP
OSPF Codes - i:Inter Area 1:External Type 1 2:External Type 2
        Destination        Gateway         Port          Cost          Type Uptime
1        ve 3          1/1           S    45d17h
2        ve 3          1/1           S    20d3h 
3        ve 3          110/10        O2   4d19h 
4        ve 3          110/61        O    4d19h 
5        ve 2          110/60        O    10d12h
14        DIRECT          ve 3          0/0           D    45d17h
15        DIRECT          ve 2          0/0           D    33d4h 
16        ve 2          110/1050      O    10d12h
17        ve 2          110/1050      O    10d12h

In the configuration I have:
ip route
ip route name AWS
ip route
None of which make it to the table.

Thanks for any ideas.  I'm thinking I may need to try a reboot/code upgrade at this point.

RUCKUS Team Member

Thanks, Could you pls open a tac case for remote debugging ? Also o/p of 'show ip route' 

New Contributor II
I have a TAC case already, 01051607, I'll try and get it escalated to a remote session tomorrow.

SSH@COLO-ICX01#sh ip route
Type Codes - B:BGP D:Connected O:OSPF R:RIP S:Static; Cost - Dist/Metric
BGP  Codes - i:iBGP e:eBGP
OSPF Codes - i:Inter Area 1:External Type 1 2:External Type 2
        Destination        Gateway         Port          Cost          Type Uptime
1        DIRECT          ve 2          0/0           D    35d13h

RUCKUS Team Member
Thanks Simon, I'll notify the team as well.