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ICX Static route not added to table

New Contributor II
ICX7450 running 10.1.16T215, when I configure additional static routes they aren't getting added to the routing table - so the destination is still just hitting the default route.
Tried different AD / cost and prefix length from /20 all the way to /32 without a difference.
Any ideas?

RUCKUS Team Member
Hello Simon,

Could you confirm if you are running a routing or switching code ?
'show version' o/p can help

Secondly, Is the next-hop reachable from switch ?  

Contributor III
10.1.16T215 is the bootrom not the actual flash code.  Per Jijo Panagat, you need to run flash code with an R in it like SPR08090f.bin because that is  your Layer-3 firmware (R = Router).

SPS08090f.bin for example is Layer-2 firmware (S = Switch)... Does NOT do 

Also, you need to have at least one (1) operational up/up interface in the VLAN that has the VE attached to it.

For example

vlan 123 name test by port
untagged ethe 1/2/1
router-interface ve 123

interface ve 123
ip address

^^^ Above is a /20 example

It will add to your routing table as DIRECT (directly-conneccted) via ve 123

However, it will ONLY add that to the routing table if untagged e 1/2/1 is up in this example.  Do a "show interfaces brief"

I hope that helps.

New Contributor II
The code is SPR08091.bin so a routing image - a bunch of other static and OSPF routes are working fine.  Including to the gateway I'm adding routes to...which is what I don't understand.

RUCKUS Team Member
Can you share a snippet of your routing table and static route you are trying to add ?