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ICX 7550 web-management support is not available for this device?

New Contributor III

I've been trying to enable web management on an ICX7550-48ZP without any luck.

At best, when web-management is enabled for HTTP I get a web page with just the message "Web-management support is not available for this device". If I enable web-management over HTTPS then I get a connection closed instead of a connection refused with HTTPS disabled.

I've flashed the latest FastIron 08.0.95d and did a `erase system factory-default` after the update. No luck, same behavior.

I've tried with the out-of-band management port, in-band ports, and vlans with and without management-vlan enabled. No luck, same behavior.

The ICX7550 switches are advertised as having web management capabilities. The docs seem to imply they are capable. But it does not work.

USB console, telnet, and unleashed management work fine for what it's worth...

Am I missing something? Is there some undocumented special requirement to get web management working on an ICX 7550 switch?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Louis,

I hope you are doing Great!!!  Sorry web management is not supported in 8095x code.

I looked thru the web management guide page 11

Image_ images_messages_60a9ab5bfad48e79598552d2_595d7144aadc20c533ee1592c78c9c79_pagewbguide8095-83599c78-7bda-4fae-be29-342cae19933d-1514929935.png


Best Regards


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