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ICX 7450 possible configuration of modules/slots

New Contributor

Hello once again,

I was wondering about possible configuration of ICX7450.

Currently I am using in front of the switch 4x10G uplink (slot2) to other devices and 1x40G (slot 3) in rear for the stacking between two switches.

In that case I see that I have one free slot (slot 4) to use. Can I use that to install there extension module of 4x10G?

By that at the end I will get 4x10G uplink in slot 2, 4x10G uplink in slot 4 and 1x40G stack connection in slot 3.

Thank you,



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Markus 

Let me verify on that part. Thanks for pointing that out. 

Below is pic from Pg 17 from installation guide . I suppose it should support as per the underlined in yellow in pic. But let me validate and leave you a message. 




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RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Markus 

From what i understand the connection is between slot 2 of 7450 switch which is a 4x10G module where we have a 10G connection each 

This is connected to other device which has one port of 40G . 

You are trying to install 1x40G module in slot 4 

Could you help me with switch models in both ends of the connection ? Are both 7450 ? check the model details by running "show version" 

1x40 G is this for stack connection and 4x10G for uplink ? 

Please help me with little more details with respect to requirement and setup you are planning. 

Hi Chandini,

So there are two ICX7450 which are stacked - already connected via 1x40G in slot 3 in both devices.

In Slot 2 there is already 4x10G (uplinks (fibre)) where are connected other different  workgroup switches ICX7xxx, and all of those fibre ports are occupied

Due to needed extension of uplink connection for new servers I can see in back of the ICX7450 stacked switches that slot 4 is empty (no any modules are installed). Which seems that it can be used.

As I do not have any option currently to connect any new uplink to stacked ICX7450 I was wondering if there is possibility to add module ICX7400-4x10GF on the back in free slot 4 to extend possibility to connect 4 more uplinks.

Hope it will little bit clarify my case. 🙂

Thank you

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Markus 

Ack and Noted. Please check the below installation guide Pg 20 , supported expansion module section.

Let me know if that helps


Hi Chandini,

Helps and it seems that it will be fine with my case.

But I am not sure why there is difference (see picture) where:




ICX7400-4X10GF Slot3/Slot4 where everything is YES.


ICX7400-1X40GQ Slot3/Slot4 where for 4X10G in both slots there is NO.

Is it means that this 40GQ module contains only one port connection so 4x10G split is not possible?


Thanks in advance,