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ICX 7450-24 AAA not operational

New Contributor II
Can't login using AAA radius to a ICX 7450-24. It displays the error when  enter credentials and press return/enter: "AAA: udp listner not initialized, AAA not operational". I can login with local user. The Radius server (Win2012R2) is working correctly with other devices.

New Contributor III
Hi Ronald - What version of code is it running on the switch? RADIUS CoA, SNMP, SNTP, Syslog, DHCP, IPsec, etc are some of the protocol that use UDP. If many of these services are enabled and have many concurrent sessions running at the same time, there's a chance that the switch could run out of memory reserved for UDP ports. I believe we made some enhancements to allocate more memory for UDP ports as well  better session managements in newer releases. Please upgrade to the latest 8090 release if you haven't done so. If you still see the issue on latest 8090, please open a case with Support.



New Contributor II
Currently running SNMP, SFLOW, AAA, SYSLOG. Version 08.0.20T213.

For testing purpose, I've disabled those services and then reenabled one at a time, and notice that SNMP is the one causing the situation. I'm going to upgrade to 8090 as Vu Pham recommends.

Great, Please move to 8090e patch as it has some critical bugs addressed. Refer to the release notes as its a two step upgrade from non-UFI codes.