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ICX 7250 Queued Packets

New Contributor

I'm having issues with speeds and have been doing further troubleshooting. The uplink from my 7250 is going to an OLT(Zhone) and is set to 10g. However, when I look at the port I have a ton of queued packets and no dropped packets. Will having tons of queued packets cause a slowdown in speeds or congestion in the network?

#sh int eth 1/2/2
10GigabitEthernet1/2/2 is up, line protocol is up
Port up for 1 day(s) 20 hour(s) 27 minute(s) 18 second(s)
Hardware is 10GigabitEthernet, address is d4c1.9e6b.e2f4 (bia d4c1.9e6b.e30e)
Configured speed 10Gbit, actual 10Gbit, configured duplex fdx, actual fdx
Configured mdi mode AUTO, actual MDI
Tagged member of 4 L2 VLANs, untagged in VLAN 1, port state is FORWARDING
BPDU guard is Disabled, ROOT protect is Disabled, Designated protect is Disabled
Link Error Dampening is Disabled
STP configured to ON, priority is level0, mac-learning is enabled
Openflow is Disabled, Openflow Hybrid mode is Disabled, Flow Control is config enabled, oper enabled, negotiation disabled
Mirror disabled, Monitor disabled
Mac-notification is disabled
VLAN-Mapping is disabled
Not member of any active trunks
Not member of any configured trunks
Port name is 10G OLT 0
IPG XGMII 96 bits-time
MTU 1500 bytes, encapsulation ethernet
MMU Mode is Store-and-forward
300 second input rate: 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec, 0.00% utilization
300 second output rate: 4936 bits/sec, 8 packets/sec, 0.00% utilization
32417105 packets input, 36667511756 bytes, 0 no buffer
Received 282 broadcasts, 26 multicasts, 32416797 unicasts
0 input errors, 0 CRC, 0 frame, 0 ignored
0 runts, 0 giants
160065789 packets output, 42287207598 bytes, 0 underruns
Transmitted 104466774 broadcasts, 28520663 multicasts, 27078352 unicasts
0 output errors, 0 collisions
Relay Agent Information option: Enabled (For 4 VLAN(s))
Protected: No
MAC Port Security: Disabled

UC Egress queues:
Queue counters Queued packets Dropped Packets
0 26028477 0
1 0 0
2 0 0
3 0 0
4 628 0
5 0 0
6 0 0
7 26689072 0

MC Egress queues:
Queue counters Queued packets Dropped Packets
0 1894487 0
1 5796055 0
2 402069 0
3 99255005 0



Hey @TannerW 

Queued packets are normal and expected for a store and forward switch/router. There is nothing to be concerned about there. If you start to see the Dropped Packets increment, then the egress buffer has overflowed for that specific queue. Hope this helps!

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Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

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