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ICX 7150 POE Ports in Orange Color

New Contributor II
I have ICX7150-48ZP- switches with dual power supply , while i am connecting Cameras to ports , led is orange in color even though i am enabling inline power for ports as wells lldp globally. I am new to ruckus , please share your idea about the case

Hi Azhar,

To clarify: The orange port LEDs do NOT indicate any problems or errors! They are simply telling you the negotiated speed on those ports is lower than 1Gbps (10 or 100Mbps).

You haven't provided any details on the devices that you have plugged in (other than that they are cameras), so I would assume they are 100Mbps only capable devices and they have auto-negotiated their speed to 10 or 100Mbps.


RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Azhar,

It looks like the link has auto-negotiated to 100M to bring up the camera.
ICX7150-48ZP supports 100/1000M/2.5 Gbps RJ-45 downlink ports.

'show interface ethernet x/y/z' will show up the interface details. where x,y,z is stack unit, module number & port number respectively.


Hi Jijo ,

Thanks for the info. Ports are up and cameras are reachable in network . My only concern is about the port color turning amber / orange in color . Is amber /orange is a normal behavior of an ICX7150-48ZP? do we need to do any commands to make it green ?

Hi Azhar,

Yes, That is expected for a 100Mbps link.Do you know what's the maximum interface speed camera can support.