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ICX-7150-C12P in router mode. Don’t have login info

New Contributor

Purchased a Lennar home from previous owner had power outage and now ICX 7150 is showing up in router mode no switches showing in the unleashed dashboard. I can’t login to the switch using the ip address. How can I reconfigure it back to switch mode? I am using a MacBook Air with no Ethernet ports. Please help thank you!!


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Jeremy813 

I do understand that you are unable to access switch through IP address as well you need change firmware to be in switch mode. Please do provide below details so it will be helpful to provide the exact solution.

1. May I know how you are trying to access the switch with ip address through SSH. Telnet or Http/https ?

Try access the switch through console and do check whether you are able to login in to the switch.

2. May I know the current firmware version which is running in the switch so that will share you switch version firmware link and you can upgrade the switch version in the switch. Please do share the following outputs : "show version" "show flash"


Kamlesh M