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ICX 7150-24P - Date/Time errors

New Contributor


Our company manages several hundred Ruckus  ICX 7150's over many geographies and my question concerns these switches not remembering Date/Time settings. I have frequently configured switches with manual Time Zone, Date & Time information, saved the configuration and although many remember the new configuration, an alarming number of these switches don't! When I go back to them, they're reliving the year 2000 all over again! As I've been in the industry a good few decades, this behaviour puts me in mind of early PCs with those large square CMOS batteries that were continually forgetting the date. Do these switches rely on batteries for the CMOS memory? Also, a big oversight is the lack of NTP capability on the ICX switches when wanting them to coexist with other devices. I'm guessing that this can't be fixed with a firmware upgrade! Can anyone recommend a fix for the ICX 7150-XXP's habit of forgetting dates?



Steve @WorldVue