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ICX 6430-48 web management

New Contributor II
Hello everyone,
I apologize if my question may seem silly, but I have to configure a ICX 6430-48 switch and I followed the procedure in the instruction manual, so I connected with the hyperterminal using the console cable, I set an IP address, I created a local user, and I activated the web-management ... but when I try to connect via the net with http I can log in but I only get the image of the switch with the LEDs that give me real time the activity of the switch itself (I tried with various browsers and also with different operating systems, and it doesn't change anything). Why doesn't the menu appear to configure the switch via the web? Could it be that there is some problem with the license? Or is there any other passage to do?
Thank you all, and sorry again for the banality of my questions.


P.S. I have attached the screenshot of the web page that appears to me.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f1135b77e2478f3fb8_07def44b3912e32c3ebb80e7a424cf00_RackMultipart20190423901168ycf-8287d6df-76c1-4afa-9082-a821b891c0f2-974641030.png1556008042

There you go! After the upgrade process it will work fine,

please remember to upgrade the respective boot and then the image with the commands:

'copy tftp flash bootrom'

'copy tftp flash '

Confirm with the show flash command that the device has the correct boot and image, 'write mem' just to confirm you have all your config saved, and then reload the unit.

Thanks Isaac,
your indications on the precise upgrade sequence are invaluable.
I will follow everything to the letter and then let you know.
Thanks again.  🙂

You are more than welcome, let us know if you have any concern or doubt.

Hi Isaac, I finally managed to update the boot code and the 6430 fimware and everything went perfectly!
Thanks again to you and everyone for the exceptional technical support. 🙂

Hey Francesco, thank you so much for your confirmation, I am glad to hear that, please feel free to reach us if you have any further concern or doubt.