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ICS 7150-c12p / R510 X 2 setup question

New Contributor
I about to close on my house which in installed with a ICS 7150-c12P + 2 access points R510.  They builder doesn't do the configuration themselves.  But have a installer we can setup a few weeks after we close.  But we seen / heard to many in the hood have trouble with this installer as it done incorrectly.

I am a computer network and repair guy by trade.  But have no experience with Ruckus.  I have read some forums and lots of youtube videos.

My  questions.

1. If want the 7150 DHCP to use ranges do I setup this BEFORE I do the setup
using the configure-me wifi connection and connected to the unleash.

If so I do I setup the DHCP server on the 7150 and use the range what the best steps.

Or is it best to connect to the web IP to the 7150 that I setup via the usb c console, change the
DHCP.  Then do I start the R510 master and slave configuration.

2.  Are the 12 ports POE on by default?  Or is this a step that needs to be done prior to setup of the configure-me...  proces.

Thank You