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Delay in order execution

New Contributor

I have two ICX7750 switches that they stacked. they worked on layer 2 and I changed them to Layer 3 operation. after that, commands execute 5 seconds after my typing the commands on the terminal. for example when i type "show run" and hit the enter key on my keyboard, the command execute after 5 second on switch.

I don't have any issues in CPU utilization, RAM Capacity, Switching and routing on 30 access switches that connect to this core switch, STP issues and so on.

have anyone same issue? 



Hey @mehdix 

Those symptoms often go hand-in-hand with high cpu, but looks like you already ruled that out. Does it happen on physical console as well? Or is it only on telnet/ssh?

I would advise opening a case so this can be properly investigated. Please see my signature. 

Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer