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DHCP Config Missing from Running Configuration

New Contributor


I've been seeing an odd problem for a while and I was hoping that it would be fixed in 9.0.10j but unfortunately it hasn't been. I'm seeing this behaviour on both a 7150-C10ZP and also a 7150-C12.

Following a switch reload the running configuration looks ok but after a while (anything between 1 and 7 days) the DHCP configuration dissapears from the running config. The start-up config looks fine unless I wr mem in which case the DHCP config will be erased from there as well.

This is what the configs look like today following a reload yesterday;

Start-up config;


Running config, the DHCP server configuration in lines 180 to 214 has dissapeared;


Anyone else seeing this? Or any idea what's causing it?

Unfortunately I don't have access to a Ruckus partner or the ability to raise a support ticket (I'm a home user) so hoping someone here will have some useful insights.




I have not personally seen this and I do run my home DHCP with a 7150 (currently on 9010j). I believe we may have one case open on 10.x that is similar to this, but investigation is ongoing. In the short term, you could look at returning back to 8095n (8095 is the recommended code stream for 7150 and also has a completely different DHCP server). If you do so, please expect many CLI differences, so it may not be a smooth transition.



Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

Hi Ben

Thanks for the very prompt response. Going back to 8.0.95 isn't very attractive due to the number of CLI changes and that now I undrestand the issue I can work around it and hope that one day it does get fixed.

Unfortunately people won't see the issue unless they check the running-config or want to make changes to the DHCP configuration which I suspect not too many people do on the ICX.

Checked everything this morning and the situation has got worse, the ICX is no longer using any of the configured static mappings which breaks a number of things.

Unfortunately it seems that the DHCP implementation is severely broken and best avoided altogether.