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Connection between Cisco and Ruckus switches

New Contributor

Regards to all, 

I have a question, if you can advise me. We have one server in the Cisco network in VLAN 90 that comes on the Ruckus Core switch and still the VLAN 90 is missed on the Ruckus AP. The problem is that access control devices connected to SSID 90 cannot see the server on the Cisco network. I tried with the Ruckus Core Switch to ping their server but the ping doesn't work, obviously there is no communication. Do I need to add anything special from the Ruckus commands to make it work properly? I don't see what the problem is, their devices get addresses from the DHCP pool on the Cisco side, but for some reason they don't see the server and we don't control the Cisco side. Do you have any advice?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @stefan_ilic ,

Is it possible to share a diagram to understand connectivity between the devices which needs communication between them and vlans detail allowed over the network.

Vijay Kuniyal

Staff Technical Support Engineer

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