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Outgoing Interface DNS and NTP

New Contributor II


I have a ICX7850 working as a Core-Switch in a Layer3 configuration. Is it possible to set the outgoing interface to be used for DNS and NTP?
As far as I know I can not set a management VLAN and so the management port of the switch is not in any of my VLANs and not connected to any services.

Regards and thank you.



New Contributor III

It's challenging to provide an actual answer as you haven't provided enough details 🙂

Which firmware version do you have running? Assuming it is the "R" version since you said 'Layer3 configuration'.

Have you read the documentation for the firmware you are running? The docs are extensive, especially the 'command reference guide', and it is searchable.

While it isn't a direct answer, on my units running 9.x firmware I have:

management source-interface loopback 1 protocol ntp


I have the switch management IPs on the first loopback interface, and this command forces the NTP client to use the addresses of that interface as the source address for requests. This doesn't control the *outgoing* interface, though, that is controlled by the routing table when deciding how to route packets to the NTP servers that have been configured.

New Contributor II

thank you for your help. My switches are running on 8.09.05 and the management source interface command does not exist. But ntp has an own command in the ntp context: source-interface that did the trick and I could set it to one of my VEs.
Sorry for the short and partly wrong explanation I was in bit of a hurry when I wrote the post. 🙂
Is there a simular command for conntact to the SZ?

Thanks again