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Cloud Support for 7250/7450 Series

New Contributor II

We have 16 7250/7450 switches in our network. None are stacked, all spread throughout campus.

We also have 40 R710 APs on a ZD1200 controller.

We are evaluating migrating this to Ruckus Cloud.

For the APs, we will either keep the 710s or possibly migrate to WiFi6 APs (all or some). This part is clear in terms of Cloud.

The main showstopper we are running into is that the 7250/7450 series of switches are not supported by Cloud... we would need to migrate to 7550s, which represents a major expense.

Any insight into this? We are also evaluating Meraki. (If we need to buy 7550 switches, why not consider the competition as well?)

Thank you for any answers, insights, links.



Valued Contributor

Hi Esteban,

Clearly you have a significant investment in current Ruckus products but unfortunately as the ICX 7450 was originally a Brocade product, it doesn't have the hardware required for Cloud management.

Therefore I'd echo Corey's comments and recommend either a virtual or hardware SmartZone appliance.  If Cloud management is your preferred solution then a virtual SmartZone controller can be installed in AWS/GCE/Azure public clouds.

SmartZone is the most powerful of the Ruckus controller portfolio and is hugely scalable and configurable for even the most complex network deployments.  SmartZone also allows you to support older legacy equipment whilst upgrading to the latest software version to support new models and features.

SmartZone is now a fully-featured NETWORK controller and can monitor and manage both Wi-Fi APs and ICX switches, including your existing 7250 + 7450.

Your local Ruckus partner should be able to talk you through the options, features, benefits, licensing, etc.

Check out:

I hope that helps,


Thank you for this information. I will start looking into SZ today, both virtual and a physical appliance on-premise.