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ICX Switches - Integrate with Ruckus Cloud platform?

New Contributor II
Can the ICX switches fully integrate with Ruckus Cloud?

I have been using the Ruckus cloud platform and wanted to know if the ICX switches could be managed via the cloud portal?

I have found some info about ZD integration but don't seem to be able to find any info relating to the Cloud. 



Contributor II
Hi Phil

Cloud integration for switches is being tested at the moment and we plan to introduce it early in 2020.

Integration with SmartZone is available today (introduced mid 2018) and support with unleashed is also in development. ZD integration is not planned.


Hello Phil,
The ICX integration in Ruckus Cloud is currently running Beta. So not now with your Cloud account but soon to be released in few weeks.


Hello. I'm a Ruckus customer looking to migrate our switches and APs to Cloud. Main concern is that our 7250/7450 switches are not supported by the Cloud dashboard. Any insight/plans for this? Sales is quoting me 20x 7550s, but that makes it a major expense. 

Hello Esteban

ICX 7550 is a premium solution for Access network with dual fan/PS. Why not consider ICX 7150 for the Distribution Layer? And keep ICX 7550 as Aggregation/Core This will save you money and all is manageable with the Ruckus Cloud. Your ICX 7250 are more or less comparable to ICX 7150, and ICX 7450 will be replaced by the ICX 7550. And if you consider Wi-Fi 6 in the future, there are also some models with MultiGigabit port in the ICX 7150 family.